The ROC is not against the release of the gravestones in the form of iPhone

The Russian Orthodox Church reacted with understanding to the project of tombstones in the form of Apple’s smartphone. According to representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, it is the decision of the person, his tomb.

Gravestone in the form of iPhone was presented at the funeral services, the Director of the Novosibirsk company. The original design already evaluated the first client – tombstone sent to Krasnoyarsk. The cost of tombstones in the form of iPhone is 65 000 rubles. The monument was Ukrainian basalt. The price was 35,000 rubles, and the installation of 30 000 rubles.

Director of funeral services admitted that the idea of a plate assembled on the Internet, stumbled on collage with phones. Initially, the manufacturer was planning on using the picture iPhone to demonstrate the capabilities of the unique grinding stone. However, visitors to the exhibition took the idea seriously, and the firm began to receive orders.

This choice tombstone led to criticism in the Network. People believe that the installation of plates in the form of phones or cars shows disrespect not only to religion but also to the Russian traditions. At the same time, among priests is no clear disapproval of the fashion gadgets in the cemetery.

“If the people so decided, that it was his decision, his grave. Why should we have to intervene in it? Why should we all be considered Orthodox Christians? We have no Orthodox cemeteries. They all have municipal, city for all,” commented the project of the Novosibirsk funeral Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev.

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