The Russian company Caviar presented a modification of the iPhone XS Max for 999 thousand rubles

On the website there is a new Caviar collection to the Maximum. It consists of five iPhone XS Max 512 GB, whose body is made from expensive materials. The re are titanium, gold and carbon version. The most expensive model costs 999 000 and will be released in limited edition.

The company offers a choice of five design options of the body. Cheapest — Maximum Ultralight. This version is made of carbon fiber and, according to Caviar, it’s lighter than the original iPhone XS Max. The model 329 000 rubles.

Paying 20,000 rubles, you can buy a Titan XS iPhone Max Maximum Invincible. In addition to the pattern of rivets and seams on the case are engraved with individual number of the phone.

iPhone Max Maximum XS Gold smartphone for 379 000. The company felt that the biggest iPhone not just a decent Golden color of the body, and full coverage of gold.

iPhone XS Max Maximum Diamonds is much more expensive than the previous options — 639 000 rubles. There’s a simple explanation — its body is made of titanium, which is decorated with more than 400 diamonds.

The most expensive piece in the collection — iPhone XS Max Maximum Fine Gold is 999 000 rubles. This phone is for those who are just a gold iPhone a little. Caviar spent 150 grams of gold a sample 787 to make one-piece back panel. Results will be released one such smartphone.

Regardless of which version chosen by the client, he will receive the iPhone in a black case, inside covered with velvet. In addition to standard accessories such as charging cable and earphones included will be a certificate of authenticity.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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