The Russian opposition has disabled SMS service hacked Telegram

The messenger Telegram is the most secure means of communication in the Network, however, it is possible to hack through the interception of SMS messages with an authorization code. At least, such conclusion can be drawn from what happened on the eve of hacking accounts of two Russian opposition politicians.

The activist Oleg Kozlovsky and employee FBK George Alborov in the night of Friday to have hacked the accounts in the Telegram and turn off the reception of short messages. The representative of MTS has ruled out the intervention of the company.

As claimed by Kozlowski, SMS service was disabled in 2:25 GMT the night of April 29 and included in the 4:55 GMT. Thus in three hours of the night, the attackers, according to him, included in the account of the activist in the Telegram, entering a secret code that is delivered by SMS. The causes of disable and enable SMS service in the support service of MTS declined to name, offered to write a written request, according to RBC.

“Any purposeful action on disabling the services was not made, information about the service is terminated by employee of MTS is untrue”, ā€” said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. The company does not exclude that it could be a viral attack or the account access was obtained through a web interface.

The technical support staff Telegram reported Alborov, as he writes that the entry to his account was made by code that, as in the case with Kozlowski, came via SMS. On the servers Telegram came the reply from the mobile operator (they were also MTS) that the message was not delivered to the addressee ā€” he SMS-service at the time of the break-in was also disabled.

Oleg Kozlovsky said that on the night of April 29 he received the notification about suspension of delivery of SMS-messages. Then, using the browser-anonymizer Tor unknown IP address requested a entrance to the Telegram account of the activist.

Telegram is marketed as a service with fully encrypted correspondence. The Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov has repeatedly stressed that he is not going to interact with the governments of any countries and provide them with the contents of correspondence of the users. The number of active users Telegram in February 2016 has reached 100 million.

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