The Russians asked Putin to send “advertising person of the Apple.

On the portal there was a petition demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The initiators call the official advertising face of Apple”, believing that such a person should not stand at the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“The Cabinet should be headed by competent, educated, radeyuschie for the country. Now we see the opposite picture. Don’t have the advertising face of the company Apple, sleeping on the opening of the Olympics, people advising teachers to “somehow, somewhere to earn money to survive,” standing at the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. The fish rots from the head, may of here the “efficiency” of the work of the ministries?!”, ā€” reads the text of the petition addressed to the President of Russia.

The discontent of the Russians caused yesterday’s statements of the Prime Minister. On the eve of the forum “Territory” Medvedev declared that are dissatisfied with their salaries of Russian teachers would change their profession or go into business. High earnings security forces, he said, explained the danger of such occupations.

No less a response was received by the Prime Minister during his visit to the Crimea at the end of may. Then the people of the region complained to the head of the government to the retirement pension. The Prime Minister acknowledged that the problems with pensions are found throughout the country. “No money,” he admitted, and then hastened to finish the meeting with the words: “You stay here, you all the best, good mood and health.”

The Russian Prime Minister is a longtime fan of Apple technology. In 2008, the sources of the environment confirmed that Medvedev is quite actively using an iPhone. Interestingly, at that time, the phone has not been delivered and is not sold in Russia officially. In the spring of 2010, he became the owner of the iPad, and then began to praise the tablet PC Apple, which, in his words, is constantly. In the same year, during his visit to Silicon valley, Medvedev has received from the hands of Steve jobs iPhone 4, sales of which began only the next day.

Around the same time, in the Internet appeared the picture of Medvedev sitting behind a MacBook Pro. It is difficult to say 15 – or 17-inch model is, and how long ago this picture was taken, but another proof of the loyalty of the ex-President for Apple was obtained. Another time, Medvedev sat for the black MacBook. This model is discontinued, but for a long time she was the “top” version of the entire line.

In April 2011, the project participants Comedy Club gave Medvedev an iPad 2, in the memory of which was loaded with all editions of the Comedy Club Production. And the fan club Medvedev Girls” and a group of like-minded people in one of the social networks gave Mr Medvedev exclusive “named” iPhone ā€” DimaPhone.

In 2013, Medvedev abandoned the iPhone in favor of the Galaxy S4. However, it was a passing fancy and soon he was seen with the iPhone 5s. At the moment the Prime Minister has an iPhone 6s Plus. Medvedev became one of the first owners of “smart” watches Apple Watch in Russia.

Commenting on US sanctions and the EU against Russia, Dmitry Medvedev said he does not consider it necessary to completely eliminate the gadgets made abroad. The Prime Minister considers it “ridiculous to refuse Apple products, so as to hurt the United States.”

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