The Safari will start by default block Flash macOS Sierra

In June last year, Google warned advertisers and content creators that Flash comes to an end, recommending them to switch to HTML5. A month later, the head of the security Department of Facebook Alex Stamos turned to Adobe to provide accurate “date of execution” of the Flash platform. The answer has not followed.

MacOS Sierra – new operating system for Mac computers, the Safari browser will start to block the default content created using Flash. If the site can run HTML5 elements instead of Flash, the web browser will show them in the first place.

In place of the content will be displayed in the plug and the words “Click to use Flash”. When you do this, Safari will ask permission to run Flash elements on the site. The user will be prompted to choose to run it every time or run only once.

The developers, Apple said Safari 10 will be disabled by default most third-party web plugins. In addition to the Adobe Flash we are talking about Java, Silverlight, and QuickTime. Some of them will continue to be supplied in the Safari kit in case you need to display important information resource. In this case, when you first visit the user will be able to make the decision to display content.

Adobe Flash and Java are considered the most vulnerable place software Mac. They are the source of security holes and are a favorite aim of hackers, being used on hundreds of millions of computers around the world. Recently Mac users have reported about a critical vulnerability in Flash that allows to cause a denial of service and to obtain control over the target system. Successful exploitation could cause the “fall” of the Safari and capture the attackers control over the computer.

For many years Adobe is trying to make Flash more secure, but to the application in two decades is a tough task. In December, Adobe admitted that HTML5 is the future of web animation, and released to developers content app Animate CC.

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