The Samsung Galaxy A smartphones of 2019 will get a built-in display fingerprint scanners

As you know, Samsung is going to replace a physical fingerprint scanner on the built-in display. Now there is information that this technology will be implemented not only in the flagship Galaxy S10.

According to recent rumours from suppliers in Korea, company can indeed introduce a couple of new smartphones of Galaxy A series with a built-in screen fingerprint scanner before it is implemented in the Galaxy S10.

Insiders saying that recently, an agreement was reached on the supply of optical fingerprint scanners that will be used in smartphones of Galaxy A series in the next year.

According to insiders, Samsung plans to integrate a cutting edge solution to ultrasonic scanners from Qualcomm in the Galaxy S10, and more “budget” technology of optical scanners for the series Galaxy A will be supplied by a Chinese company Aegis.

Built-in display, optical fingerprint scanners are less accurate and reliable than their ultrasonic counterparts, which are more difficult to produce, and thus they are much more expensive.

However, if the smartphones of the middle class will start to receive the new technology of fingerprint recognition as standard options, this can affect the smartphone market in General. Especially when the main goal is the reduction framework, the design of Infinity-Oh, Infinity-Infinity, and U-V.

It remains unclear which models of Samsung Galaxy A can be equipped with a built-in display fingerprint scanners.

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