The savings Bank together with Visa launched its own digital map

Sberbank, with the support of Yandex and Visa payment system will launch its own digital map. It can be issued free of charge in the app “Sberbank Online”.

Digital debit card will be available free to all clients of Sberbank. The main advantage of the new means of payment is the speed of processing: the digital map will be produced instantly and the client can immediately get the details right in the app “Sberbank Online”. Instead of a pin for this card use a special code to confirm purchases, which will come in the form of SMS to the owner’s phone. Your details will also be added to a mobile device that will allow you to pay for their purchases via Apple Pay, Google Pay and other payment systems.

According to Sberbank representatives, the digital map will be one of the first steps in implementing the idea of a complete renunciation of the use of plastic. They also noted that it can be used as a spare in case if my plastic card is lost or is re-issue.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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