The scanner iris will appear in the iPhone in 2018

Apple is working on a scanner of the iris for biometric identification of users of their mobile devices, reports DigiTimes. According to informed sources, the release of the iPhone with a new biometric sensor will be held in 2018.

The technology to identify smartphone users by scanning the iris we can expect the iPhone in two years. Samsung will release a flagship with the ability to scan the iris this year.

“Samsung is expected will be the first manufacturer who released the flagship smartphone-enabled scanning technology iris. His release will take place in the second half of 2016. Apple will likely introduce the iPhone with the scanner iris in 2018,” – said the publication.

Recent leaks indicate that a new biometric sensor will be integrated into the Galaxy Note 7, who will present on 2 August. However, in the South Korean vehicles the technology is not yet perfect in poor lighting conditions may require more than one scan of the iris for recognition. This can irritate many people, and as a result they will refuse to use the scanner iris in everyday life in favor of a fingerprint scanner or a digital password.

This technology provides 1000 times higher accuracy than the fingerprint sensors used in smartphones for fingerprinting. However, if you believe DigiTimes, at the moment, Apple does not consider it appropriate to introduce iris scanner in its current form and working on improving it.

Reading the pattern of the iris is a much more reliable method of user authentication than biometric identification by means of fingerprinting, and may become an important competitive advantage in the market of mobile devices. In the first stage scanners iris will be operated in the corporate sector, and then find a place in consumer devices.

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