The second stage cook: what will happen to Apple next 5 years?

Since the appointment of Tim cook as the head of Apple it has been five years. During this time the current CEO of “Apple” company has shown itself as an effective leader, able to ensure the Corporation’s stable financial growth even in difficult economic conditions and a General decline in some markets.

The shadow of the founder and first head of Apple Steve jobs Tim cook has consistently pursued,. “When Steve Jobs was not like this” ā€“ often heard in comments in the press and social networks, when Apple introduces some ambiguous or minor release happen punctures.

It is obvious that Apple is now different. See it and fans of the products, and Analytics. “The current Apple is a completely different company than the one that existed five years ago. During the reign of CEO Tim cook had to be a party to the conflict with the FBI to promote the company in the markets of China and India, to Woo shareholders with wall street. In short, what all the late jobs at the time was not even an indirect relationship,” Vestifinance quotes the words of UBS analyst Stephen Mulanovich.

Let the current releases Apple is not so revolutionary, as it was under Steve Jobs, when he showed the iPad and iPhone, but the company is steadily increasing its capitalization, remains among the most expensive brands on the planet and, of course, produces gadgets that are happy to use around the world. You can say that cook’s strategy is to maintain the stability of proven moves and not to do “sharp movements” ā€“ is working. This has a positive effect on the quotes. When, in 2011, cook led the company, he was issued stock options, half of which he will be able to in five years. That is this month. It should be noted that during the rule of Tim cook Apple’s stock has grown at twice the price.

However, things change and this year Apple was partly a turning point, when in the second quarter for the first time in 13 years revenue fell. In addition, after continuous eight-year period of growth of iPhone sales, Apple in the quarter sold is 16.3% less than last year’s result over the same quarter. Analysts often point out that during the reign of the cook of the driver of Apple’s revenue was only iPhone. This gadget has sold best, and he, in fact, depends on the financial health of the company that is strategically not very good. It is believed that the sales of premium smartphones stared at the ceiling: the world is just becoming less and less people who can sell the iPhone. Owners of the previous generation of “Apple” gadgets to upgrade all devices may not yet be resolved.

Apple understand this. It is therefore often included in press rumors about initiatives like car iCar that Apple was secretly designed in a secret hangar. Analysts believe that the great test of strength of the acting CEO will be to further expansion into other technology markets.

Among the growth points may be noted the healthcare segment, where he directed many high-tech companies and startups. Since the advent of different kind of biosensors, smartphones, and wearable gadgets have ceased to be just a means of communication and entertainment, but seriously considered by medical institutions as a full-featured device to monitor health.

Apple “in the topic” starting in 2014, when it released a Health app, which permits users gathers information from various health apps and fitness devices, providing complete and current overview of all indicators. In addition, the release of the HealthKit platform, which allowed developers to create applications compatible with its own app in iOS.

Tim cook sees huge potential in the segment of software and hardware for healthcare. Analysts believe that Apple has an advantage here in the form of Apple Watch, which already has will need to track the performance of the sensors, a larger user base of iOS ecosystem and a high level of control over their own software and hardware.

Copertina did not confirm that it will release the car, but the press are convinced that work on the iCar is in full swing. “Apple is going to spend $10 billion on R&D in order to release another wristband for smart watches, to create a new model iPad or video streaming service. Apple is preparing something much more significant in the new industries ā€” the automobile,” wrote analyst specializing in Apple Neil Seibert from the company Above Avalon.

This year, Apple plans to spend on research and development (R & d, or R&D) a record $10 billion This amount is almost a third more than last year’s budget for R & d significantly exceeds that of four years ago, when an American Corporation has spent for these purposes a little more than $3 billion a year.

According to analysts, a significant increase in investments in R&D associated with the company’s intention to shift the focus from the iPhone. As another breakthrough project that would change the world, he calls the electric car, which presumably developed in the bowels of cupertinos of the company.

Voice assistant Siri is a practical example of artificial intelligence system, which Apple is actively developing and improving. Recently Apple has acquired a startup Turi, who specializiruetsya on the creation of technologies of machine learning and the development of artificial intelligence. Details of the deal were not disclosed, however, according to certain sources, Apple may pay for Turi to $200 million.

The acquisition reflects the growing interest on the part of Apple to the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The deal also means a further increase in the presence of the Cupertino-based company in Seattle, where Apple over the past two years building an Outpost for the engineers.

In the entertainment industry is promoting Apple services Apple Music and Apple TV. As it became known edition of The Streets, from the end of last year, copertina negotiating with American studios on the subject of investing in shooting an exclusive video for members iTunes.

Negotiations are conducted by Apple Vice President of Internet services eddy cue and Vice President for content for iTunes Robert Konark. Exclusive content can improve the shaky position of the company on the stock exchange, as well as to help the sales of the set top box Apple TV. Prior to this, Apple has already shown interest in the purchase of Time Warner-owned channels CNN, HBO, TBS, TNT, NBA TV, Cartoon Network.

Analysts say that if Apple will continue to invest in content, the entertainment of “Apple” services may also be a potential growth point.

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