The secret sales, or as a “savings Bank” bought 22 thousand iPad

Sberbank bought from Apple 22,000 iPads to their employees to enhance mobility customer service. In 2017, the company intends to purchase California giant another 15-20 thousand tablets as they sell banking products to remote services in offices has increased by 20%. It is reported by RIA with reference to the largest Russian Bank.

On Wednesday, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said on a conference call about the sale of the savings Bank is 22 thousand iPad. Sberbank confirmed this fact and said that of the 22 thousand tablets Apple more than 18 thousand issued ordinary employees of the Bank throughout Russia.

“This year, Sberbank introduced a new approach to customer service via mobile devices. We have provided more than 18,000 of their employees with iPads. Most of them, 17 000, consultants in offices and staff areas “Sberbank Premier”, — reported in a press-service of Sberbank.

Sberbank has also issued an iPad to specialists merchant acquiring who work to service the current clients and search new. In 2016, several thousand experts of the Bank direct sales of products to payroll clients will receive the same tablets.

Work with Apple

In the savings Bank has told that is happy with results of cooperation with Apple since switching to the technology work customer service for iPad sales services remote maintenance from the consultants in the offices of Sberbank grew 20%.

“In the future we plan to implement a mobile workplace for managers of offices and other employees of the Bank. The tablet is a mobile workstation and it allows you to more effectively serve customers by offering products and services based on current service history of a particular client. Also, the tablet is used for individual training of employees, supervision of employees and their efficiency,” — noted in the savings Bank.

The decision on mass purchase tablets for employees of the savings Bank originated in the search for more efficient business models, said senior managing Director, Director of sales and service network VSP Sberbank Vasily Palatkin.

“Initially comes from the development of the business model of the savings Bank and the business model of service to our customers. In the last five years, we have carried out big work on maintenance of work with clients both in offices and remotely. Our goal was different, more comfortable working with clients, facilitate interaction with our staff. Now, to get the service or advice the customer does not necessarily refer to the sales Manager – he will help the consultant”, — he said.

Employees of the savings Bank, in his words, make using the iPad a variety of services, from connection of mobile Bank and Internet banking to provide advice. As each tablet is tied to a specific employee, this allows the savings Bank as a whole to evaluate the effectiveness of their work, he said.

The cost of the transaction on purchase of tablets from Apple, the savings Bank does not disclose. But announced in April a tender for selection of supplier of tablet computers made 737,4 million rubles. According to Palatkina, Bank charges on purchase of iPad have already paid off and therefore, Sberbank will buy a new batch from Apple.

“It paid for our costs to purchase these tablets, and we are currently working on replicating them on other staff, including the heads of our points of sales and their deputies, as they spend a lot of time with customers. Approximately 15-20 thousand devices in 2017,” — said Paladin.

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