The selection of the most popular programs for Mac

Every Mac user wonder how you can increase your productivity. This can help our selection of programs for macOS.

Divide the selected apps into 4 conventional section: productivity, technology, text, entertainment.


AirMail is a fast email client that supports multiple accounts. Like any modern email client that supports Gmail, Yahoo! iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook. AirMail allows you to install a large number of plugins for additional functionality. Also, the undeniable advantages of this program include a built-in system of blocking unwanted messages.

Price: $ 10, available from the Mac App Store.


Alfred is a launch applications with the keyboard, multi-platform search shell. This program has a simply amazing performance. It allows you to use search for files and Internet. Alfred is able to execute some system actions, such as emptying the recycle bin, reboot and so on.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.

F. Lux

F. Lux is essentially the same technology Night Shift on iOS. At night the color scheme of the iPhone and iPad screens to warm up, protecting the eyes from excessive load, and in the morning to return to normal position.
Many studies have shown that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can make it harder to fall asleep. Night mode will use time and location data from the device to determine the sunset time in your region.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.


SimpleMind is a small application for creating mind maps. Creating mind maps is a fairly common method of structuring data and is often used when working on complex projects in the education sector.

Price: $ 30, available from the Mac App Store.


Spamsieve connects to most email clients, analyzes the email received by the user, and learns in accordance with his habits. This program is used for fighting spam on Mac. Spamsieve does not delete messages, it only marks them in your email client, so the user will never lose any desired message. The software learns new ways of spam protection directly during operation, tracking all the tricks of spammers.

Price: $ 30, has a trial version for 30 days, can be downloaded here.


Spectacle allows you to move and resize Windows with simple keyboard shortcuts. You can split the screen into 2 or 4 pieces, placing the browser in the upper left corner, the text editor in the top right corner, and so on.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is an excellent replacement of the built-in macOS app “archive Utility”. It supports most existing formats, including legacy ARJ.

Price: free, available for download from the Mac App Store.


Dash is a document browser and code snippet Manager. It comes with over 150 built-in API documents that can be downloaded and viewed offline.

Price: $ 25, there is a free version with limitations is available for download here.

Github Desktop

Github Desktop is an application that allows you to manage Github databases. It provides a more readable user interface than when working through the terminal.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.

iTerm 2

iTerm 2 is a comprehensive multi terminal for macOS. One of the best analogues embedded application “Terminal”. iTerm 2 supports rich configuration profiles and complex split Windows.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.

Textmate 2

2 TextMate ā€” a text editor that provides intelligent shortcuts and a powerful set of plugins, which make it suitable for almost any task. Is used to edit code or text, can be even a task Manager.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.

Working with text
Ulysses III

Ulysses III is a professional text editor that allows you to fully concentrate on the job. In addition to the convenient work with Tex and parts of Ulysses boasts full support for Markdown formatting, and export to TXT, RTF, and PDF. In the first case, the text can be saved with HTML markup, Markdows or in plain text, RTF supports export to formats Pages and Doc.

Another interesting feature Ulysses ā€” the flexibility to customize the color scheme. Almost every element of the interface can be repainted to your taste. Have the ability to sync documents via iCloud.

Price: $ 40 available trial version for 14 days is available for download from the Mac App Store.


Pixemator is an image editor, like Adobe Photoshop. It provides the functions which he is expected: layers, filters, various shapes, smart choices, photo editing and more.

Price: $ 30, available from the Mac App Store.


Skitch is Manager screenshots. It provides features such as annotations, crop, blur. With Skitch you can export screenshots to PNG, JPEG or PDF.

Price: free, available for download from the Mac App Store.

Boom 2

Boom 2 is an amplifier/equalizer, first and foremost, it is designed to increase the volume of the integrated speakers. This program incorporated a large number of presets.

Price: $ 15, available from the Mac App Store.


Calibre is multi-platform e-book Manager. He communicates with one of the readers and allows user to download/upload books, convert them to virtually any format, comment, rate and more.

Price: free, can be downloaded here.

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