The son of a Chinese billionaire bought eight iPhone 7 my dog [photo]

Van Sycon, 27-year-old son of Chinese billionaire Wang Czarina, bought eight iPhones 7 for your dog. Pictures of the animal with boxes Sycon posted a microblog Weibo (local analog of Twitter), which he leads on behalf of your pet.

In the social network Weibo, where a Siberian husky named Wang Keke has her own account with 1.9 million followers, the first day of sales of the iPhone 7 published pictures of her with the packs, which, presumably, are smartphones.

The father of Setsuna, Wang Jianlin, is the richest man in mainland China. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dalian Wanda Group, the largest developer in China. His fortune is estimated 14.1 billion dollars, according to the British Dailymail.

A year earlier van Sycon I bought my dog two Golden Apple worth at $ 12 apiece.

Signed to one of the photographs read: “I Have a new watch! Generally, they should be four since I have four paws. But I thought it was too vulgar, so I stopped at two that fully correspond to my status. Do you have these?”

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