The state Duma will oblige search engines to remove pirate websites without a court order

In the state Duma will set up a special working group that will develop amendments to the existing anti-piracy law. This is reported by Vedomosti.

According to the publication, the amendments are aimed at toughening anti-piracy law. In the state Duma are assured: links to pirated resources published by the search engines that allow users to easily find illegal content. Amendments to the law can compel search engines to block pirated resources themselves without a court order, if requested by copyright holders. According to journalists Statements, the tightening of the law will be primarily aimed at the search engines Yandex, as other popular search engines and Google will immediately block such content on complaints of right holders for copyright infringement.

The development of the amendments will be engaged in working groups under the Committee on information policy and the Committee on culture.

We will remind that earlier in a copyright violation was charged with Yandex: publishers complained about the search engine for posting links to pirated services, where you can find copies of the books publication deadline. However, when checking the search engine by Roskomnadzor, violations were found.

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Clifton Nichols

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