The subtle changes in iOS 12

After a few days of using iOS 12, users discovered subtle changes in the system, as outlined by 9to5Mac.

New action 3D Touch

Apple has changed some of the actions in the 3D menu Touch have their own applications. For example, if you strongly click on the icon “Notes” will appear a new option “Scan document”. And if much click the camera icon, you can discover a new action “Scan QR code”.

New accents for Siri

Siri long is able to speak English with an Australian, American and British accent. In iOS 12 assistant received the support of two accents — South African and Irish.

Shortcuts in messages

IOS 11, to call someone from the Messaging, it was necessary to press hard on the image of the subscriber. Now you can simply touch the profile picture, then you will see a call button, video call via FaceTime and access the contact card. It should be noted that by pressing on the call button starts audiosonic FaceTime. Likely that Apple wants to push users to use FaceTime.

Passwords AirDrop

One Reddit user found that in iOS and macOS 10.14 12 Mojave have the opportunity to share passwords via AirDrop. To do this, go to “Settings” → “Accounts and passwords” > “Passwords in programs and websites.” Then, using a long tap, you call a menu in which it will be possible to send the password via AirDrop. This will open a standard AirDrop screen, which will display the available devices.

On the device that was sent the password, it will appear in the same section. If there is already saved data for this site, the user will be prompted to cancel the process or to update the password.

Notice in Reachability

Along with the iPhone 6, Apple introduced Reachability mode when double tap on the Home button, the screen slides down, to make it easier to reach the top icons. However, incoming notifications show up on top. IOS 12 is fixed, and now the notification sound together with the screen.

It’s not all changes in iOS 12. We have already mentioned the iOS 12, which does not say the presentation and spoke in detail about the new features of the operating system.

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