The Swiss company has copied the design of Apple Watch for its mechanical watches for $27 000

Copy Apple not ashamed of not only unknown to Chinese firms, but also a major Swiss brands. Major watch manufacturer of luxury H. Moser announced two models Brrrr and Zzzz line of Alp Watch, which is made in the style of “smart” watches Apple Watch, but unlike the latter are mechanical.

Housing Zzzz is made of white gold, and glass crystal. Dimensions of new items accounted for 38.2 × 44 x 10.3 mm, the size of the Apple Watch, by comparison, describes the relationship of 35.9 × 42 × 10.5 mm. the Novelty is IWC has got black dial and gold hands.

For model H. Moser characteristic aesthetics of “smart” watches Apple: square case with rounded edges, the lugs under the belt, centered the head of the plant. Judging by the promotional illustrations for the chronometers, one may get the impression that it is nothing like the Apple Watch with an alternative screensaver. “This watch even from a close distance can be mistaken for the Apple Watch if you don’t pay close attention to detail,” notes Bloomberg.

Brrrr model has similar characteristics. The only difference is the dial colour. For this watch, the Swiss manufacturer chose blue.

The value Zzzz and Brrrr is $26 900. H. Moser will be a limited edition of 20 copies.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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