The top 5 lenses for pumping the iPhone’s camera

Camera modern smartphones changed the approach to mobile photography. Over the past few years, famous photographers and Directors use mobile phones in combination with additional lenses as your primary working tool.

Of course, they are not limited to the basic capabilities of smartphones. Photographers and filmmakers use a variety of accessories and applications to achieve the best results when shooting, which is comparable in quality to professional equipment.

Despite the emergence of smartphones with multiple lenses, these lenses are suitable only for everyday shooting, although many popular bloggers use to create content iPhone without additional accessories.

Photos and videos taken on the modern iPhone is among the best to date, the quality of the color and level of detail, thanks to the technical component and software processing algorithm in iOS, but they can be improved.

In this article we have collected the best lenses that will rock your iPhone’s camera to a more professional level.

Momax 6-in-1

This model is a case with a built-in set of lenses. Cover-plate Momax 6-in-1 is equipped with six interchangeable lenses – the two lenses, and two macro lenses with magnification 10x and 20x, one wide-angle lens that extends the review to 180°, and one lens fisheye for spherical effect. This cover with lenses is available for different iPhone models.

Price: from 2 990 rubles.

ShiftCam RevolCam 3-in-1

The accessory is a removable attachment for iPhone with three built-in lenses, bright LED light and built-in mirror. The nozzle has a lens fisheye, macro lens with a 15x zoom and wide-angle lens. In addition to the accessory package also includes: a protective cover for the lenses, a MicroUSB cable for charging the flash, tissue paper for cleaning and storage pouch.

Price: 4 990 rubles.

Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set

Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set is a set of three lenses for the iPhone. The lenses are easy to install and change thanks to convenient mounting. The bracket is securely fixed in the phone and does not leave marks on it. The package includes: macro lens with a 15x zoom, wide angle lens, lens fisheye and a special silicone holders that can be used as a stand.

Price: 7 490 rubles.

Momax X-Lens Pro 4 in 1

Momax X-Lens Pro 4 in 1 is a kit lens for a smartphone, comprising: a macro lens with 20x zoom, wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, lens fisheye and telephoto lens with twice the magnification. To store lenses in the kit comes a special case.

Price: 5 990 rubles.

Baseus Short Videos Magic Camera Professional

With a budget, but a quality set of lenses consisting of a macro lens with a 15x zoom, wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and the lens “fisheye”.

Price: 1 990 rubles.

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