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If you, like me, you activated a trial three-month period Apple Music on the day of launch of the service June 30, we must not forget that tomorrow it will come to an end. So it is time to choose — to pay to play further or to go back to Spotify, the music from “Vkontakte” and so on. Whatever you choose, you still need to visit the settings of the device.

Open the Music app and go to the tab “Profile”. Then select “View Apple ID”. After entering the password, navigate to “Subscriptions” and hit “Manage”.

In the window that appears you will see all your active (and inactive) subscriptions. We are interested in a subscription to Apple Music. You will see to what number of active free trial Apple Music, and will be able to renew your subscription by selecting individual (169 rubles / month) or family (269 rubles per month).

If you do not select anything from the proposed subscription Apple Music will be automatically suspended after the trial period. Accordingly, to use the service you will not be able.

Have you already decided whether to pay Apple for Music?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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