The update is one of the best reader app for iPhone and iPad

In early March we reviewed i2Reader app Cloud, which in the opinion of our editorial staff is one of the best reader app for iPhone and iPad. Most readers agree with us, and the program is downloaded thousands of people. And since I’m such a positive response, we decided to closely monitor it for updates.

In addition to supporting iCloud, pre-installed themes reading, connecting to public libraries and other features in the updated version of the application, i2Reader Cloud footnotes in books are displayed right on the page. No longer need to click on the footnote and see it in a separate window — just like in a paper book.

Here’s how it looks on the example of the book “War and peace”. As you know, Leo Tolstoy loved to write in French and do the appropriate insertion in his works. Now to see the translation on the same page with a footnote — none of the other eReader this is not possible.

The display of footnotes on the page will be useful not only for practicing translation, but also transcripts of terms — for example, in textbooks and scientific manuals. Feeling like read not not smartphone or tablet and regular paper book at home by the fireplace.

A nice bonus of the new version i2Reader Cloud was the support for Evernote and the built-in system dictionaries. You can one-click to export the text and create a note or to obtain a translation of a fragment. Unless, of course, the latter does not appear in the footnotes.

The app has long been praised by readers and book lovers all over the world, and the current update — one more reason to download it. But if you have already done so, grab your update! The new version is already available in the App Store.

Well, feel free to contact the developer Yuri on [email protected] if you have any wishes.

Name: i2Reader Cloud
Publisher/developer: Yuriy Melyushin
Price: 299 RUB.
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Set

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