The UPS and downs of Apple in 2016

The UPS and downs of Apple in 2016

Apple is one of the few global corporations whose UPS and downs will certainly be forced to remember its founder. It jobs, undoubtedly, was the driving force that led the company to success, but even for a genius like him had to endure failures. Interestingly, and what has become for Apple’s fifth year without its ideology? have prepared a selection of UPS and downs, the company endured its share in the past year.

Achievement: the iPhone is still popular

Yes, despite continuing criticism from consumers, competitors trying to create something breakthrough and debilitating to analysts, the iPhone remains the best-selling smartphone in the world. Less than 10 years, Apple managed to sell more than one billion smartphones. To achieve the same indicators could not be crowned Nokia nor ambitious of Samsung. To affect iPhone sales failed even in the absence of new models 3.5 mm Jack.

Failure: first decline in operating profit over the last 15 years

No matter how profitable a project iPhone, to its position, as well as other company’s products look comparatively worse than the year before. This was stated by Tim cook, holding the answer to investors on wall street. In order to pull a profit for yourself is not enough even the vast potential of the Apple Watch.

Achievement: victory over the FBI

We all remember the sensational case of San Bernardino, under which the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. demanded that Apple iPhone hack your suspect? Then this issue was probably the most exciting, occupying the front pages of such renowned publications like The WSJ, New York Times and Forbes. There were rumors that Apple can expect big problems, get the court on the side of intelligence. But, whatever it was, the company managed to defend the right of its clients to privacy.

Fail: tax problems with the EU

Tax crimes are among the most serious in most of the Western States. Violating the law in the field of taxation at least once, to get away from responsibility will not succeed it will be very difficult. Especially when we are talking in the billions. According to the decision of the European Commission, the Cupertino-based company owed the authorities of Ireland the order 13 billion euros. Seem to protect her from the payments did not get even the Donald trump.

Achievement: the opening of the Apple Store of the new generation

Their story begins in 2014, when the Vice-President of the retail trade took the former chief Executive of fashion house Burberry, Angela Ahrendts. It was she who, based on his remarkable experiences in retail, together with Joni Aviom was the ideologist of the concept of the updated Apple Store. As of the end of December 2016 to open the world up to 5 such stores, having a number of fundamental differences from the more usual Apple retail. What is not an achievement?

Failure: problems with the reliability of the iPhone

You probably already forgot about a whole pile of problems which had to face thousands of iPhone owners, of course, if you do not become their victim. If anything other than failing batteries iPhone 6s you can’t remember it, take a look at our materials on the “error 53” and “error 1970”, transforming the device into “bricks.”

Achievement: the success of iOS 10

iOS 10, whose full release was held last fall, was not afraid of this word – perfect version of mobile OSes from Apple in recent years. It has become like outlet after several years of glitches, bugs and freezes the system. Despite the abundance of new features, all of them worked exactly as intended in Cupertino. In short, iOS 10 the best thing that could have happened with the system since iOS 6.

Failure: the new MacBook Pro

Fresh MacBook Pro 2016 model year was not as attractive as we waited. Last year’s “iron”, the complete lack of the usual connectors, problems with autonomy and – the icing on the cake – unlighted Apple. This all – new MacBook Pro. It got to the point that to recommend them to the purchase refused even known for its loyalty to Apple, the guys from Consumer Reports.

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