The victim “error 53” are preparing a lawsuit against Apple

What the Americans are doing, when you feel betrayed, offended, and indeed in any unclear situation? Right, go to court. It is therefore logical that after thousands of iPhone owners have encountered the infamous “error 53”, they immediately started looking for phones lawyers know.

To be more precise, the initiative came from law firms that began to prepare collective lawsuit against Apple and I urge everyone affected to get in touch to join the order. As expected, the company from Cupertino is going to impute a violation of the antitrust laws and the imposition of its services.

The occurrence of “error 53” is due to the fact that users prefer to repair the Home button of their devices with support for Touch ID in informal services. In other words, the only way to fix this button without problems, is to contact the authorized service center, whose services generally cost a lot more. According to lawyers, this limits freedom of choice for consumers and therefore should be the subject of litigation. Let’s see what happens.

The Guardian

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