“Theatre of Steve jobs” won the prestigious award for “structural art”

Institute of civil engineers of great Britain were named the winners of the Structural Awards in 2018. “Theatre of Steve jobs” received the award for “structural art”. It is given in the case when ordinary objects make unique buildings.

The award was presented because it is a unique building that is not like the others. The judges particularly impressed by how the Apple engineers hid the wires and pipes between the building and the roof.

This facility is the largest building in the world constructed of glass. It is equipped with a 47-metre roof made of carbon fiber, which is also the largest of its kind. The building consists of 44 glass panels, which were assembled on site before they are raised all together.

“Theatre of Steve jobs” was designed so that the pipeline, security system and audio system required on the roof, located within 30 mm joints between glass panels. Since Cupertino is in a seismic zone, to protect the materials we have used several security systems against earthquakes.

According to the jury the close relationship Apple and design Bureau Eckersley O’callaghan & Arup has achieved certain successes in the technology of structural glass.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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