There was an application that connects every citizen of the world with random Petersburger

Peterburzhenka Victoria Evdokimova has launched a service that allows you to contact any resident of the Northern capital and talk with him on the abstract theme. A few hours mobile app was used by more than thousand people from 14 countries.

The service is conceived as a single room for St. Petersburg. Of course, in the Northern capital, many help desks and hotlines, but the girl went ahead and decided to create a room that embodied a city and its inhabitants.

“I did the project “Petersburg Room” is a single number of the whole city, where anyone in the world can call and get on a random Petersburger ā€” ask about the weather, the white nights, favourite places or simply to talk heart to heart”, ā€” she wrote in Facebook.

To use service very simply. Calling: +7 (812) 930-17-03, a caller reaches a subscriber abstract. He knows neither his name, nor sex, nor age, nor a phone number. The only thing that connects people on two ends of the telephone wires that one of them is in St. Petersburg.

To become a member of the service, you must download the app (iOS and Android) and click the “I want to receive calls”. And you can call people from all over Russia, and if you include “I speak English”, then wait for calls from English speaking people from all over the world. The service connects not with absolutely all the rooms in the Northern capital, but only with those subscribers who have downloaded a mobile app “Number of St. Petersburg”.

According to the website of the project on the number of already received 2563 calls, including from France and Sweden. Total call duration exceeded 2 days and 15 hours.

Victoria herself is confident that its service will be able to unite strangers, and someone, maybe even make a little happier.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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