There was an application that identifies the brand and price of the car in the photo

Application Auto.<url> for iOS and Android has learned to recognize the car in the photo. Enough to take a picture the auto and the app will show make, model, generation and the average cost. Now the app recognizes more than 100 brands and 1000 models from a directory service.

“On the streets is a lot of interesting cars. In such cases, they often want to know what kind of car and how much it might cost, ā€” said the head of mobile development Cars.<url> Maxim Chekmarev. ā€” App was the first in the world that knows how to solve this problem and cope with it well.”

Guess the car helps the computer vision technology developed at Yandex. Her training took 6 million pictures. The Base Car.<url> was the data source: real images of cars in urban landscapes captured on camera or the camera of a smartphone with a thousand different angles. Therefore, the application guesses the car on the expert level, the company said.

Recognition is available on the start screen of the app Auto.<url>. You can take a picture of any car or choose a photo from your smartphone. Not necessarily remove the entire machine ā€” just the pictures of the bodywork, interior or dashboard. The app will send the image to the Yandex servers and show the result. In addition, the app will tell you about the average cost calculated in the car.

Computer vision techniques are used on Cars.<url> for other tasks. I will change the form of adding ads in the app: it will be enough to photograph the car and the application will automatically fill in the fields model, brand and generation.

Download the app available for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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