These headphones for $ 45, indistinguishable from the AirPods, and people like them

Apple gradually solves the problem with deliveries of AirPods, but they still have to wait for a few weeks. At this time, other manufacturers began to offer an alternative to the “Apple” headphones.

Zinat Bluetooth Earbuds is fake original AirPods created, let’s say, for bragging rights. Typically, these products are not high quality, but specifically these headphones received an impressive rating on Amazon of 4.5 points. Almost the same score and genuine AirPods. With this wireless earbud from Zinat cost only $ 45.

Chips AirPods kind of automatic connection, and gesture control, these headphones naturally does not possess, but the manufacturer promises high sound quality, stable connection and even a noise reduction system. The device can connect to two audio sources. You can even answer calls on two smartphones by connecting each earphone separately.

Original AirPods were presented in 2016 along with the iPhone 7. Headphones are sold in the official Apple store at a price of $ 159. Shipping time is still 2-3 weeks.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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