This year’s iPhone will get a adapter for fast charging

It is expected that iPhone 2018 will come with an 18 watt power adapter with USB-C for fast charge, writes CgargerLab. For the first time about it have started talking in early may.

New cards will replace the old 5-watt power supply. To connect to a smartphone they will Lightning cable to USB-C. It will also come bundled with new smartphones. The photo supposedly shows the adapter with European plug. According ChargerLab is a charge Apple has prepared for European buyers.

Last year, MacRumors compared the charging speed of iPhone X from a standard power supply and a third-party solution at 18 Watts. Per hour X iPhone with the native adapter is charged at 39%, and a power supply 18 Watt ā€” 79%. In General, writes MacRumors, 18-watt adapters allow you to increase the charging speed doubled.

Fast charging support iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. This was done in connection with the announcement of wireless charging stations AirPower, which is still not on sale. Most likely, future models will also be equipped with this technology.

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Clifton Nichols

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