Three functions photo iCloud required iOS 13

Apple with every new iOS version adds useful functions to your library to iCloud photos. The portal 9to5mac told us what features Apple ought to add in the iCloud photos to be stored in the iOS 13 and have more fun.

Scan and sync individuals in iCloud

In 11 iOS the photos app, Apple has added the ability to synchronize individuals users via iCloud, but each unit continues independently scans the media library. It’s time to move the data to iCloud and allow all of your devices simultaneously to get information out of it.

Updated photo sharing to the “family”

One option may be to view and copy pictures from the library of the people who are “family”. Now there are opportunities to share photos via iCloud (but only manually, and device someone who photographed), via AirDrop and iMessage. But if, for example, the couple attended the event, which was taking pictures with two iOS devices, it would be very convenient for one of them to browse the library and any other pictures choose and copy their smartphone.

The second option is the ability to choose photos with certain individuals in your family member to save them. The disadvantage of this option is that the user will not be able to save their pictures without faces, that is, nature, documents, and so on.

More control over caching

IOS 13 need to be able to control how much cache the Photos app can take offline. iOS 12 copes with the preservation of free space, but the idea here is to establish the maximum amount of GB that iCloud could use. For example, the user could specify that photos in iCloud may not take more than 10 GB and the rest is stored on the device.

What would you like to see in the new iOS 13? Write in the comments.

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