Three reasons to purchase a new MacBook Air

October 30, Apple released a number of updated products, one of which is MacBook Air. Many potential customers have started to wonder ā€“ how good is he? In this article we consider the basic details of the new MacBook Air.

An updated version of the “most affordable” laptop Apple 13-inch Retina display, a large trackpad, 2 USB port-C / Thunderbolt 3, the keyboard mechanism butterfly 3rd generation fingerprint scanner Touch ID and the chip T2.

Screen size

Apple offers users of laptops with displays from 12 to 15 inches. Dimensions, weight and design, the new MacBook Air has absorbed all the best of the 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Finally, the company added a Retina display in the MacBook Air.


Many users upset with the transition from USB-A to USB-C, but the company has started to produce laptops without a “typical” connectors in 2016, so that the MacBook Air 2018 followed this trend is not surprising.

Owners of Apple gadgets also painfully moved from 30-pin to Lightning connector iPhone, but now very few people remembers about it. 12-inch MacBook is only one port, which caused some inconvenience when connecting peripheral devices. The new Air has two port, through which you can, for example, to simultaneously charge the laptop and connect an external hard drive.

The T2 chip and Touch ID

New MacBook Air equipped with a security chip Apple T2. Without a valid credential or cryptographic key recovery internal logical partition APFS remains encrypted and protected from unauthorized access, even if the physical storage device removed and attached to another computer. The inner encrypted volume on a Mac with the chip T2 is implemented by constructing and managing a hierarchy of keys and uses hardware encryption built into the chip.

In addition, Apple noted that the microphone is on laptops with the chips Apple T2 turns off when MacBook is in the closed position.

Touch ID is another added advantage for users. It can be used to quickly unlock your Mac, log in to your account in social networks or pay online purchases.

Should I take a MacBook Air?

A definite answer to this question is no. MacBook Air 2018 is the Golden mean between the 12-inch MacBook and 13 MacBook Pro with Dujmovic Touch Bar and Touch ID (since it is T2 chip and Intel 8th generation). Air will easily cope with most everyday tasks and it should consider to purchase. Moreover, considering that the cost of MacBook Air starts from 2018 104 990 rubles, and MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar ā€“ from 152 990 rubles.

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