Three reasons why Apple should bring back the iPod Classic

Compact body, unique style and huge memory for a desperate fan of music? Tell why Apple is back on sale iPod Classic is a portable player that has become the symbol for zero and saving the company from bankruptcy.

Introduced in 2001, iPod revolutionized ideas about music, bringing hundreds of music albums world performers in a compact and beautiful case with a bitten Apple on the back. The device was withdrawn from sale in 2014, but we have at least three reasons why Apple should think about the return of the legendary device on the market.


The design of the device Melsa from generation to generation, but its perfection he obviously made up in the last, sixth generation. Matte face, made of aluminium and the glossy back has become a real classic Apple. However, this style was not practical, as the rear panel was prone to scratches and damage.

In spite of this, authentic style iPod Classic is still relevant that makes its design the most authentic among all Apple devices, but all identical devices on the market in principle.

Only music

 Listening to music on the iPhone, you unwittingly get distracted by instant messenger and surfing the Internet, thus most of your favorite songs you just listen, barely noticing them. Is there then a sense in listening to music, if not pay attention to it?

iPod actually returns the format of listening, through which users give full attention to the music without being distracted by extraneous things. And separation of the functional when the iPhone is only used for games and connection with the world, and iPod is only for music, can play a hand in the organization of their everyday Affairs, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important to the user at the moment.

The uniqueness

To go in 2018 with the player means to stand out among the rest. Compact silver case iPod will always inevitably attract the attention of others with its design, reminding them of the glorious past Apple when the glass panel of the iPhone seemed to be something unthinkable, and the Home button was the same part of the smartphone as the camera.

A plus will be and outstanding features iPod: 36 hours of music without recharging, and 160 GB of memory for favorite songs can not be compared with any iPhone that just won’t last as many hours of battery life, especially while playing songs and using third-party applications.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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