Tim cook assures Apple AirPods

The tale of a future without wires, so important in the early Teens, with a light application Apple runs the risk to find former importance and magnitude. The beginning has already been made that the iPhone delivered from one of the most archaic interfaces, and to replace him is just about ready to come really smart and functional gadget in the face of AirPods. The only thing that is not possible, the company – communicate clearly to convey to users all the benefits of a sudden reshuffle. The first is to make tried himself, Tim cook.

CEO of Apple Inc. for the first time after the presentation of 7 September, addressed to the General public, having appeared in the popular television program “Good morning America”. Live Tim answered questions of different nature, carefully maneuvering through the tricky and enthusiastically picking up the most common. But most attention was paid to cook it is the rejection of a 3.5 mm minijack for headphones, the impression that “be on TV” he had to.

“AirPods for the future — began quite confident CEO of Apple Inc. – As soon as you understand just what it is, you will want to experience it as soon as possible. The nest was in the phone a lot of space and, in our opinion, there are far more important things that we would prefer to provide your client, let us and had to neglect them.”

Not cheated their attention and urgent question of transportation AirPods, to the mass losses which, Apple is already rumored to be prepared quite thoroughly. To visualize the General Director compared complete case headphones dock or magnetic MagSafe connector. As it turned out, the user does not have to carefully place the accessory in the box – it will be literally drawn there by the vacuum, not allowing you even a second to think about the imperfection of the design.

Anticipating the question about the convenience of sports when using AirPods, cook said that the headphones were subject to scrutiny specialists and was developed based on the standardized layout of the ear the vast majority of people. Even he once went out with them for a walk, dancing, and even Jogging. The slightest hint of fall, summed up the CEO. In his opinion, AirPods best thing that could happen with headphones.

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