Tim cook can become Vice-President of the United States in the case of the election of Hillary Clinton

CEO of Apple Tim cook is listed in the preliminary list of prospective candidates to the post of Vice President of the United States together with the candidate in presidents from democratic party Hillary Clinton. About it writes on Tuesday, October 18 edition of the Fortune.

According to the newspaper, WikiLeaks has published another 11-second part of a confidential letter the campaign Manager, Clinton John Podestà. The publication of the first part took place on 8 October, the administration puts the correspondence in batches of several thousand letters per day. Mostly, this communication Podestà with Clinton advisers, representatives of the media, as well as fragments of the speeches of Clinton.

According to one of the emails from March of this year, Podesta and a number of other members of staff, Clinton made up the intermediate list of candidates which should be considered as candidates for the post of Vice-President of the United States. It is noteworthy that the names arranged in groups, depending on racial, gender and professional background of candidates.

Representatives of the Clinton campaigns in addition to Tim cook included in the list a separate group of the founders of Microsoft bill gates and his wife Melinda, and former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Separately at the end of the list is the candidate eliminated from the presidential race Bernie Sanders.

Previously, Tim cook has openly supported in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton. In August he held a meeting fundraisers to Finance the election campaign of Clinton. Together with cook participated in the project were Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for environment, ethics and social initiatives. The purpose of the event is a fundraiser for “Foundation for victory Clinton” (Hillary Victory Fund).

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