Tim cook confirmed the imminent decline of iPhone sales

Rampant predictions of analysts regarding the early collapse of Apple in General and the drop in sales of the iPhone in particular do start to come true. In spite of the enviable results of yesterday’s report Tim cook to investors, the position of “Apple” smartphones in the market is quite shaky. And it recognizes itself SEO.

The expected decline may begin in the current quarter and lead to multibillion-dollar losses. It’s remarkable how easy and carefree this talks about Tim cook, predicting entrusted to him the company is not the best of times.

“We think that the reduction of sales of the iPhone will be visible by March 2016, assured investors Apple CEO. – However, we do not consider the situation a failure and don’t believe analysts predict the indicators. It’s not so bad […]”.

Most recently, cook has already tried to give potential stagnation more positive connotation, referring to the indicators of 2015, when the iPhone has managed to set a new record. But, whatever it was, the company continues to lose its positions on the market of securities, preferring not to mention the rapidly declining stocks and focusing on more pleasant things.

“This is a tremendous achievement for our company, which has become a reality, despite the economic “turbulence” in the world. Our growth rate far in excess of previous years, while operating profit demonstrates the ultimate stability and quarterly increase. Over the past quarter, we sold approximately 74,8 million iPhones, resulting in 34 000 selling iPhone in an hour. This is almost half of more of our results from two years ago,” concluded the CEO of Apple Inc.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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