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Yesterday evening was marked by all the Apple employees some good news. Tim cook sent them a letter, which announced the launch of a new program designed to reduce turnover and to increase motivation of employees.

Apple launches program to encourage employees by giving them the special of the company’s shares (RSU), writes MacRumors. Previously, she practiced like this only for top managers and other senior employees, but now to receive grants will be available to all — from an employee of the retail store to a member of the AppleCare team.

Prior to that, practiced another program that allows employees to buy shares of Apple at a special price (ESPP), however with the new rules they will be able to receive securities free of charge. Only one, Tim cook will earn thus one million shares of Apple.

Why do all you want? First, employees will be interested in how to remain in the Apple for as long as possible. In addition, once they become owners of the shares of the company, we will do everything for the growth of the financial performance of the Corporation. Because it will directly impact their financial well-being.

On the other hand, some workers may perceive it as saving Apple money bonuses and to some extent will be right.

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