Tim cook: five years at the helm in numbers

The latest five-year plan, dubbed the era of cook, was remarkably successful for Apple, and for the image of its leader. A little-known but extremely talented financier, who replaced jobs, has brought its own vision not only for business strategy but also a fundamentally different view of the development of the product line. Perhaps that is why some fans still can’t forgive Tim for not “prophetic” ideas Steve.

Under the leadership of Tim cook, the legendary company who has no defeats, was even more successful and influential. It cook led his fiefdom to the incredible even by today’s standards of success and has gotten her fans from the lion’s share of prejudice. Only with him, the company finally lost the stigma of being a manufacturer of computer equipment, making a huge step towards the era of post-PC. In other words, the best replacement jobs on the post of CEO and think hard.

When cook took over the company at the end of fiscal 2011, operating income of Apple Inc. barely exceeded $ 100 billion. A great benefit for companies that did not have its own production facilities and offering to the market a limited range of goods. But last year, when Apple Inc. reached the peak of its popularity, the size of its revenue exceeded 230 billion dollars, which gave a total of more than two-fold increase in less than five years.

As of September 2011, the staff of the company accounted for 60 of 400 people. Among them were both employed in laboratory research engineers and designers, and employees of retail stores, spread all over the world. In September 2015, this figure had almost doubled and amounted to 110 000 employees. Such a sharp increase in the number of employees affected by the unprecedented increase in the number of Apple Store and Apple Shop appearing in recent years like mushrooms after rain. In China alone, their number increased from 4 to 41.

By the way, about China. According to statistics, revenue from sales of own products in China in 2011 barely reached $ 4.5 billion. A huge impact on the popularity of “Apple” technology in Asia then provided only tablets, which concept is very attracted to the Chinese. Today, the residents of China in Cupertino attract more sophisticated devices like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, in which they literally doted. The total profit of the company for the accounting period of the current year sales in China amounted to more than $ 18 billion.

Despite the systematic decline in the share of iPhone on the mobile market, its peak sales of smartphones from Cupertino was reached in the Cookie. The starting point in the breakthrough popularity of iPhone is considered to be the release of the iPhone 4S, which just three months increased the proportion of “smart” phones to 37 million units compared to 16 million for the same period a year earlier. Today iPhone, according to analysts, is slowly but surely gaining its former position. So up to another record close.

Great importance for every Corporation that sets trends, is the value of its shares. In the era of cook, the securities of the company, despite some instability, significantly strengthened its position. Moreover, the position of Apple in the stock market was so strong that the company has repeatedly received the title of most expensive organization in history. And the total amount paid to Apple Inc. dividends to date, exceeds $ 44 billion.

According to the materials of Venture Beat

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