Tim cook has confirmed the development of a new device for health monitoring

A very unusual statement was made by Tim cook in his yesterday’s interview to newspaper The Telegraph. According to the CEO of Apple Inc., the company is already working on the creation of some gadget for monitoring the health of users. And it’s not the Apple Watch.

“[…] I don’t mind to add clock functionality, however this may create some difficulties with the Management of sanitary supervision of food and drug administration (FDA). Such a step would significantly slow down the further development of technology. So we decided that it was necessary to create something radically new. Maybe an app or something more,” said cook.

Earlier in the Network already appeared information that Apple is working to create special technology blood test, which is scheduled for implementation into a wearable device. Previously it was assumed that the Apple Watch will perform in this role, but after this unexpected statement cook appeared a great probability of the issuance by the company of its own activity tracker.

This is also confirmed by the fact that any released in the States for a device with diagnostic functions, must register with the FDA (Management on sanitary inspection). Apparently, Apple really is not going to stop the heart rate sensor, and to produce something far more perfect and much better price than the Apple Watch.

However, the possibility exists that Apple is preparing just another function that is implemented in software, which will appear in one of the following versions of iOS. But no doubt, Apple fitness bracelet would enjoy enormous demand. And you would have bought this?

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