Tim cook has promised not to forget the line Mac

Apple Inc. not going to abandon development of the line of Mac computers, wrote Tim cook in response to a question from fans of the brand. According to the CEO, in Cupertino remain committed to Macs and, despite the mobile focus, in the near future will please their customers no less important updates. Did the cook mean hardware or software upgrade is unknown, but, apparently, it could go on the new MacBook Pro.

Correspondence management Apple Inc. with clients is rare, but very real. In the past, Tim cook has already vouchsafed his attention random chat buddies, quite restrained, but, moreover, openly answering their questions. This time the CEO of “Apple” the Corporation has promised that the history of the Mac has not yet ended. While the fate of the stationary Mac Pro, which has recently been moved to the archive, as well as the compact Mac mini continues to raise questions.

It is expected that Apple will introduce new MacBook Pro in October 2016. The update should be the most significant since the release of the original models, adding the fact, in addition to more efficient hardware, several groundbreaking special. Most questions, however, is a full transition to Apple to standard USB-C, which meet in Cupertino stepped about fifteen years ago, presenting 12-inch MacBook.

Along with the MacBook Pro Retina for the following presentations can be presented to the redesigned iMac computers. Their manufacturer will complement AMD graphic chips, Thunderbolt a new generation and, probably, a set of connectors USB Type-C. There is a perception that the new iMac will be compatible with third-party virtual reality helmets. More detailed information about the novelty will be available closer to the date of the official event.

According to the materials of MacRumors

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