Tim cook has promised to update the lineup of desktop Macs

Tim cook has promised to update the lineup of desktop Macs

A line of desktop Macs will have a major upgrade of hardware. This follows from the report of General Director of Apple Inc. Tim cook has shed light on the fate of branded desktops during a closed conference for employees of the company. According to the CEO, in Cupertino do not even think about how to curtail production of desktop computers, leaving all the design updates.

“Desktop Macs are of great importance to Apple, and 5K iMac is the best desktop we have ever done, said Kuk. They have more compared to the laptops performance, large memory and a wide range of peripheral devices […]. If anyone had doubts about their future, let me assure you: table “poppies” is waiting for a major update. Don’t worry.”

But worry, by the way, is about. At least the owners of professional machines, hungry for something better and more productive. Despite the apparent optimism of the CEO, he said about the future of Mac Pro and Mac mini, has not received any hardware updates from 2013 and 2014, respectively. It’s possible that from now on under the “desktop” computers in Cupertino mean only those that are literally on the table. Which is a pity.

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