Tim cook hinted at the compatibility of the new iPhone and Apple Pencil

Tim cook hinted at the compatibility of the new iPhone and Apple Pencil

iPad Pro regardless of the diagonal of the display device is highly controversial, and, to put it mildly, highly specialized. To argue with the fact that it was originally created as a Supplement for the pen Pencil is unlikely even in Cupertino, the rescue line’s signature “pill” in other ways, it seemed, was simply impossible. In light of recent events, however, the same fate may await even the iPhone.

The corresponding assumption was put forward by colleagues from 9to5Mac publication after a careful analysis of a recent interview with Tim cook. As it turned out, the CEO of Apple Inc. it allows for the possibility of equipping the new iPhone support brand stylus. In his opinion, such a controversial accessory, initially seemed to many subfunctional trifle, coupled with the iOS devices looks quite promising.

“If you ever saw what the Apple Pencil pen when interacting with the iPad or iPhone, then you know how crazy it is,” confirmed the speculation of journalists cook.

Was this a standard phrase for a continuous stream of speech clause or a deliberate hint at the immensity of the upcoming updates is unknown. Thus the structural features of the Apple Pencil are such that allow you to comfortably use the pen exclusively on the iPad. To do the same even on the 5.5-inch iPhone display is not nearly as convenient. But, perhaps, the success of the Galaxy Note from Samsung was inspired by jony Ive for creating compact stylus?

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