Tim cook in France visited the company Eldim

During a trip to France, where Tim cook is scheduled to meet with President Emmanuel Macron, Apple CEO also visited a small French company Eldim.

“Thank you my friends from Eldim, a team of talented developers and engineers who helped make the iPhone possible,” Tim cook tweeted.

Eldim has been manufacturing components that allow to analyze the mathematical properties of objects in space, and is a supplier of components for the upcoming iPhone X, Apple is providing critical elements of a biometric security system, Face ID.

In particular, the development company responsible for the ability of Face ID to the detection of the eyes, which undoubtedly is a decisive factor for granting access to the device. The technology allows to determine open whether the user’s eyes, and only after that to unlock the device.

Eldim is working with Apple for almost a decade.

“Working with Apple has been an incredible adventure “if we made a trip to the moon”, over the years we have achieved a lot,” — said General Director of Eldim Thierry Leroux.

As previously reported, the iPhone X could remain in deficit until 2018, due to the complexity of the Assembly point projector for work Face ID.

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