Tim cook: industry machinery necessary peremeny review

At yesterday’s conference, The Wall Street Journal, with the participation of Tim cook rose a lot about the current state and further development of Apple. Tim stoically answered all tricky questions of journalists and even shared his vision of the future of mechanical engineering. But whether or not this candour indirect confirmation of the existence of project Apple Car?

According to cook, the modern car industry needs drastic change and they are very close. With regard to the development of “Apple” of the electric vehicle, then Tim showed extreme restraint and very carefully walked around it.

“Soon we will see which direction we will develop left from the direct answer cook. – However, I firmly believe that in the machinery industry must come a tipping point. This should be a very serious change, and not a natural evolution”.

Also discussed was the topic of automobile software.

“One of our immediate goals is the prospect of integrating the experience of using iPhone in the car. Software becomes increasingly important and becomes a necessary component of the car of the future, said cook. – For example, the autopilot can completely flip the industry, as well as electrification. The transition from internal combustion engines powered by rechargeable batteries, you should strive”.

The speech in this case goes about developing its own Apple titled CarPlay, which is beginning to gain popularity among automakers. Probably the car is just a platform to test new developments, which will be used in the development of the Apple Car. However, there is no doubt – the team of Tim cook’s many far-reaching plans. The same journal The WSJ insists that in 2019 we will see our electric car Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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