Tim cook is testing in the headquarters of Apple wearable tracker to control the level of sugar in the blood with the help of Apple Watch

In April of this year, reports surfaced that Apple is developing a solution for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes using non-invasive sensor that continuously measures the blood sugar level with Apple Watch. According to CNBC, CEO Tim cook personally testing the prototype of such a device in the headquarters in Cupertino.

It is reported that the meter is made in the form of wearable devices and connected to Apple Watch. All the details are not specified. Judging by the description of the device, it can be a separate gadget that connects to the smart clock via Bluetooth, but not the function of the device. The source said that the meter was “on the clock” a top Manager, that is physically connected to the watch case. Perhaps cook is testing the prototype of the meter, after which engineers integrate it into the Apple Watch.

It is likely that Apple will sell the device separately as an accessory for the Apple Watch. Previously, Tim cook said that functions such as tracking blood sugar levels, require approval from Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA). Creating and certifying a separate gadget, a company can then integrate its features in the Apple Watch.

In February, Tim cook received an honorary degree from Glasgow University. In a speech to the students he told how the meter helped him to adjust the diet to control the blood sugar level. However, he did not specify what device he used: a prototype of Apple or the medical device from Medtronic or Dexcom.

According to BGR, Apple is research in the field of diabetes, and is also developing a smart wristbands, which will extend the functionality of the Apple Watch. Last year the company hired more than two hundred experts, to improve the capabilities of smart watches in the field of health. It is expected that the next generation of Apple Watch will be presented this fall.

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