Tim cook lives in the future (and you can too)

Apple CEO in an interview to the Wall Street spoke about the technology “smart house”, which he uses in his home. If before saying “smart” house, often meant a very complex and expensive system remote control lights, heating and othe r systems, but now these technologies have become affordable to absolutely everyone.

“Personally, I actively use in life HomeKit devices and app Building, – said the head of Apple. – When I tell Siri “Good morning” in my house are the lights, and the kitchen begins to prepare coffee. When in the evening I go to the gym to relax, I use Siri to set up the lighting and enable the fireplace. And when I leave home, I just touch your iPhone to turn off the light, turn off the thermostat and close the doors. In the evening, when I come back, my house will know of my approach in geologici and performs all the necessary arrangements”.

According to cook, Apple smart home platform HomeKit is able to perform a wide range of tasks and to solve many issues without human intervention. It allows you to automatically turn on and off lights in the house to control doorbells and air conditioning system, to inform about attempts of robbery or fire. This set of actions is the beginning of an era of “smart” houses which are so appreciated by the head of Apple.

System HomeKit lets you know who is at your front door, even in those moments when you are not home, in real-time. And when you create in the application scenario of “leaving home”, automatically turns off the lights and TV, closed the door, dropping the temperature in the house. With this technology, one can get rid of two issues that have been bothering many people on the way to work – if I did iron, and if I locked the front door.

“This level of home automation was something unimaginable a few years ago. And today it’s available to everyone, thanks to iOS and HomeKit”, – concluded the head of Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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