Tim cook spoke about the imminent start of sales of AirPods

Wireless headphones AirPods, whose sale was postponed indefinitely, will appear on store shelves within the next few weeks during the holidays. About this in his letter said the General Director of Apple Inc. Tim cook, responding to a question impatient fan of the brand.

Cases when the company enters into a dialogue with their customers, though are not tend to occur with a certain regularity. Most often, consumer issues meets Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of global marketing, however, it sometimes happens that connects cook, preferring to use email.

One such fact told journalists MacRumors published the confirmed correspondence of the reader and the CEO of “Apple” of the Corporation that contains specific information about the upcoming start of sales of wireless accessory. “I apologize for the delay – we are almost done and I think that will begin delivery in the next few weeks,” said cook.

Earlier AppleInsider.ru wrote that the AirPods will appear in the international retail no later than November 2016, but the information was false. It is not excluded that the CEO of Apple will be much closer to reality.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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