Tim cook visited China to increase the “disappointing” iPhone sales XS

Apple CEO Tim cook this week in China against the background of the history of espionage and the Chinese chips in motherboards Apple. The Washington Post told additional information about this trip.

It is important to note that there is no reason to suspect that cook’s trip to China is generally associated with statements to Bloomberg about the Chinese chips-the spies who supposedly is on the Apple servers. Cook regular visits to the country, and Apple has repeatedly refused to comment about the scandal.

In the coming days, cook is expected to take part in the meeting of the Board of the School of Economics and management, Tsinghua University. Apple, however, refused to comment on whether cook also to meet with the President of China on this trip.

Secretary of the Communist party of China Li Qian after a meeting with Tim cook, said that he hoped for a big role for Apple in improving the relationship between Shanghai and the United States. Cook, in turn, expressed his gratitude to Shanghai for his “strong support and good service for the development of the company.” Tim also said that “fully confident in the future development of the city.”

But the main purpose of cook’s trip is to improve the sales of the iPhone XS/XS Max, which many considered disappointing. Business publication Caixin said: “this week, cook held a private meeting with one person to promote Apple products, including the new iPhone XS Max, which sold for a whopping $ 1,850 in China. The flagship device from the local manufacturer Huawei can be bought for $ 700. Thus, sales of the new Apple phone was disappointing.

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