Tips for working with a 3D Touch in the Notes app

Is that even knowing about the new features introduced in the iPhone iOS update, just doesn’t manage to try them. We all know about 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and many know about the standard Notes app, which not so long ago, considerably refreshed, having new opportunities. You have already tried them? I have not had time and willing to try along with those of you who also never made it to the new functions of the application Notes.

Press and hold on the app icon Notes

Should start with the features available at strong pressing on the application icon. Thus you can quickly begin to create text notes, futosemide or sketches. Many of us use the Camera app to save to your device photo of any document or object. We have collected these pictures, and it’s definitely not something we want to keep the memory and view with loved ones. Worth a try to remove those photos using the app Notes.



Unfortunately, up to this point I have not had to use the drawing feature in the Notes application. The tool is quite convenient. It will certainly help you to explain anything, and it’s better than drawing on a napkin or tell you in words, arranging the objects as landmarks. Especially good drawing feature works on devices with 3D Touch. The harder you press with your finger on the screen while drawing, the sharper will the color of the line that you draw. In the case of the erasing tool, pressing more firmly will allow to cover a large area.

Preview anything

Of course, a strong pressing allows you to see the contents of each note without opening it. If you press harder, so its open, and if during a severe depression to swipe your finger up the screen, you will be invited to share a note, move it, or delete it.


Fortunately, so you can work not only by the notes but also with attachments that these notes may contain. In notes you can store photos, links, PDF documents and more. What would you store in notes, preview with 3D Touch will work with this content.


Flights and mail

Notes in iOS 9 and OS X Mavericks are able to recognize numbers of flights and mail. The recognized number will be highlighted in yellow. Heavily by clicking on a number, you will also be able to use the preview and get information about the flight or departure.


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