[Tips] How to clean Apple devices

Many contain about a fleet of devices — MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, or any number of things. When are all this good, inevitably comes a time when on the computer screen can see nothing due to the dust deposited on it, the iPad slip out of your hands because you just ate chicken wings, or that gave the iPhone to call the girl — it’s okay, not broke, was returned, but a thick layer of Foundation is still a bit confusing.

So how to deal with the dirt on the devices? I admit — for some this issue is not, in principle, some of the devices stuck to the film and wear on all sides in the covers, I’m not wearing anything so, therefore, if you feel uncomfortable when on the phone screen there are a couple of prints — these tips are for you.

On the official Apple website I found two instructions with recommendations for treatment. In General, they partially repeat each other, you can read for yourself:

  • How to clean Apple devices
  • Disinfection, built-in or external Apple keyboard, trackpad and mouse
  • To lazy to sum up briefly: first of all disconnect the device from mains, unplug all cables, turn off the device itself. Of course, do not wipe with wet cloth, first press! “Do not use for cleaning fluid for washing Windows, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives.” Do not spray the device directly from a container, spray it on the cloth! Here’s a tip I liked the most: “For effective disinfection, you should use cleaning products Lysol Wipes or Clorox Kitchen Disinfecting Wipes”. Only here where them to take that Lysol or Clorox?

    From his eight years of personal experience, I can only say one thing. Nothing cleans the screens of all devices with bitten Apple is better than the black cloth with the Apple logo and the one that was previously bundled with any MacBook. I highly recommend you look for one. Even expensive professional wipes for the care photooptical, type “Marumi” and others, cope with this problem much worse — Apple and here out of competition.

    Cleaning aluminum case and keyboard from sweat, grease, coffee drops and what happens when you sneezed and not had time to turn away, as strange as it may sound, it is best to handle the “Second”, for cleaning of glass, although officially such things are not recommended. Normal round cotton sponge some money on it and the aluminum laptop as new. Truly like new, nothing better I have yet to find. Cheap and cheerful. By the way, if the screen of your device is protected by a glass (do not try to wipe the “Second” screen and a frame around it on your MacBook Air, the rubber seal on the perimeter can easily decompose) — this method also works great, just don’t forget to remove the stains with a soft cloth.

    Actually, technology exists in order to use it, have fun, communicate with friends, learn something new or, eventually, earn money. Of course, this does not mean that the glands need to quit beating on the door jamb, to give to the kids while eating or sneezing, not turning away. Keep supporting the device in the same condition in which you yourself will be comfortable to use them — they will last you much longer!

    Clifton Nichols

    Clifton Nichols

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