To connect multiple to one of the Apple Watch iPhone

The beta version of iOS 9.3 2.2 watchOS and brought a new function. With the release of these OS versions you can use multiple Apple Watch with your iPhone. Of course, the iPhone will not work with two or three hours at a time, but it will automatically switch to work with the clock that you wear. You will also be able to manually select the watch that you want to switch to the Apple Watch app. It is very convenient, but many users do not understand why they need it. To be more precise, users are not aware why they have some of the Apple Watch.

To this question tried to answer colleagues from iDownloadBlog, and the answer seems very simple. What you are some classic watches? Many have a watch for sports, have a watch for everyday wear and has a watch for business meetings. There is a clock donated by the second half, and have a watch inherited from a close relative. We wear a different watch and didn’t see anything unusual in this. Why not wear different Apple Watch?

I’m sure many of you will say that the Apple Watch Sport and steel version of the Apple Watch are not that different, and unless they go to the gym with the Apple Watch Edition may be a little uncomfortable. But do not forget that in March we expect the release of the second generation Apple Watch, and the first Apple Watch doesn’t cease to exist. It’s possible that users black Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch 2 steel and gold Apple Watch Sport 3, which will want to wear on different days and use a one iPhone. Perhaps the appearance of this function is a hint on the imminent release of the new hours.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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