To free Home Mini buyers Pixel 2 will be able in a month

Buyers Pixel 2 will receive codes to purchase Home Mini only a month after sending the smartphone.

Google presentation reported about the campaign of unprecedented generosity. When you pre-purchase the new Pixel generation, the buyer will receive a free column Google Home Mini.

When, during the conference Google started receiving pre-orders for Pixel 2, there was a slight confusion about the free Home Mini, which is available when you purchase the Pixel 2. To explain everything and to avoid confusion in the future, Google has updated the data for Pixel 2 in the Google Store, and also sent additional information via email to buyers of the new smartphone.

Promo codes for a free Google Mini Home will be sent by e-mail within 4 weeks after sending the smartphone.

This decision was due to the fact that, otherwise, the company will face problems, if the buyer decides to cancel the order or return Pixel. If the codes can be redeemed before the last opportunity to return the smartphone, it makes the return process more complicated.

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Clifton Nichols

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