To get a response from Tim cook more real than you think

Apple CEO known for his love appeal to the email ā€” every morning he personally examines your piles of emails for a few hours, because of what he has to get up in 3-4 hours in the morning. And to get a response from Tim cook, as it turned out, the guilty can not only subordinates, but also ordinary users.

One of the owners of Apple gadgets told the head of the Corporation the story of how the iPad helped his grandfather, who suffers from cancer, writes AppleInsider. As noted by the user, an elderly man quickly dealt with the new device, started to talk to your doctor for FaceTime and install apps. He liked to use the Apple gadgets that he soon changed his phone to iPhone.

Of course, cure of disease such gadgets can not, but the morale of the grandfather is much improved, according to the letter. That’s what made the grandson to write a thank you letter to Tim cook. The answer was not long in coming.

Thank you for your message and support. I’m glad we were a part of life your grandfather ā€” wrote the head of Apple.

It is noteworthy that the CEO of Apple just signed up “Tim” with the traditional message “Sent from iPhone”. So to get an answer to a letter from him really, try it for yourself, suddenly you will be too. Write if that here: [email protected].

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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