“To switch to” Apple force you to buy the new iPhone

The holiday season is coming, and this period for Apple is usually associated with a sharp increase in sales of gadgets. But this year, things seem to be going not so smoothly, and the company decided to spur sales, choosing is not particularly beloved by users way.

Our readers noticed that if you run App Store on the iPhone 5s or under, it will open a page showing an advertisement of a new iPhone 6s. Tap on the link takes the user to the appropriate page of the online Apple store and App Store can be accessed by clicking on the button “Skip”. The Russian division of Apple once again distinguished the wonders of the localization by translating the phrase “Upgrade now” awkward “to use”.

Ads that get in the way of users to the content that have never brought joy, even if is advertised the world’s best phone. For this reason, we doubt very much that the tactics in the best traditions of the spammers will bring Apple some noticeable dividends. However, they are in Cupertino, of course, know better.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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