To take out a loan or break the Bank: 5 reasons to buy iPhone 7

So, this is it. The new iPhone was officially released in Russia: the device carries the serial number 7, not risen, and even not really changed. Upgrade of Apple’s line of smartphones for the past five years that have passed since the death of Steve jobs, causes a wide global resonance. Judging by the level of sales, the novelty was in Russia twice more popular than its predecessor the iPhone 6s. If you still doubt the need to purchase: here are five reasons to be a tribute to Igor Nikolaev, which it cost to make.

1. Design

Competitors from South Korea, of course, also lately in this aspect reached the heights, but the elegant lines and ease of use that is in iPhone unlikely yet achievable for competitors. the iPhone 7 is clearly for aesthetes another facet of the familiar concepts of rich simplicity.

2. The perfection of technology

Hard to argue with the fact that the filling of new gadgets Corporation is not inferior to any one top leader. CPU a10 Fusion is already recognized as the world’s most powerful, twin-lens camera with a portrait shooting mode and the incredible quality of the display, too, is unique, not to mention the headset. The smartphone even comes wireless independent AirPods headphones with case-the charging (issue price of 12 900 rubles), and for conservatives, there are wires to the Lightning-plug.

3. Production capacity

The new iPhone has a more power-consuming resource, and high-speed chipset and a graphics accelerator. Even if you are a busy gamer with Pokemon Go still playing Asphalt 8 and snap a photo in the metro, resource iPhone 7 will be enough. Speed and reaction, “seven” out of competition: new Apple smartphone is the most powerful on the market. If the glitches and lag turn you into the Hulk, take the furniture around and place the order.

4. Money

Of course, the new iPhone for 95% of people who do not have a professional purpose the previous paragraphs, is a luxury. They’re expensive smartphone, part of the price which is a logo with a bitten Apple. If such conventions are not able to stop you, the money you keep in boxes from Shoe boxes from under the refrigerators and Swiss savings banks, send now order help the company to Tim cook, she’s in Europe now billions of debt on taxes.

5. The fifth reason is you

You feel renal redundancy every time I see the tram person with a gadget cooler than you? Your stomach, sustaining a Maserati, no longer reminds you about self-importance? Business partners have compared your sixth iPhone with the same VAZ? Enough to endure this mess! The image is all that matters. Take a loan, perezaleite an apartment – do what you want, but the problem should be solved. In Russia the gadget is out now, order it now, no time to waste!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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